I know hardware engineering and manufacturing from every angle because I've done it throughout my career in every field. Mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological, aerospace -- I've had the privilege of working alongside the world's brightest minds on multidisciplinary projects and making my own contributions to innovative, emerging technologies in each of these areas.


These organizations trusted me to help realize their visions for a better world.

NASAAnalog DevicesMassachusetts General HospitalNational Science FoundationChevron    Center for Advancement of Science in Space      Global Research Innovation and Technology    SQZ BiotechnologiesShire                         CSS The Newman School

Highlights from my work with the above institutions
  • I helped Chevron develop non-stick coatings for deep-sea oil and gas pipelines in the wake of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Ice formation on the broken well is one of the key reasons the well took so long to seal. Our work led to the award of a patent and published paper (linked below).
Abstract, LLC is a venture I co-founded with fellow MIT alum Paul Weaver in November 2017. Abstract is a startup that provides operations management technology to discrete goods manufacturers. We reveal the hidden factory of unaccounted for resource usage by delivering comprehensive, accurate, real-time visibility into the state of production. Manufacturers engage with us when they are frustrated with not knowing the actual amount of direct labor, raw materials usage, scrap and rework, and asset downtime because their existing data is missing or unreliable. We help them identify and prioritize high-ROI opportunities to reduce costs.

If your manufacturing team is missing insights and data needed for continuous improvement on your line, or perhaps you're just curious about what we're up to, I want to hear from you. Email me at harrison at abstractmfg dot com for more information.

Selected Media
  • My graduate thesis on the detector array of the REXIS instrument, which I designed (2013). Asteroid (134150) 2005 AU57 was renamed after me in recognition of my      contribution to this project.
  • My undergraduate thesis on electrowetting surfaces and their effects on boiling water (2011) 
  • A patent issued for my work on non-stick coatings for deep-sea oil wells: Articles and Methods for Reducing Hydrate Adhesion (2012)
  • paper on my work on non-stick coatings for deep-sea oil wells: Hydrate-phobic surfaces: fundamental studies in clathrate hydrate adhesion reduction (2012)
  • An article where I discuss SQZ Biotech's plans for putting its CellSqueeze technology aboard the International Space Station after winning funding from the Center for Advancement in Science and Space (CASIS) to investigate the platform's efficacy in microgravity (2014)