There are a lot of smart people around this town, but Harrison is certainly one of the brightest I've met. He led the engineering team at SQZ Biotechnologies (where I am one of the co-founders and was its CEO/President from 2013 to 2015), and he played a key role in developing SQZ Biotech's CellSqueeze system that has been used as part of multiple industrial and academic partnerships. He also played a key role in SQZ winning some large grants and awards from NSF, MassChallenge, and CASIS.

After I left SQZ, I led the Innovation and Advanced Analytics team at Shire. As part of this role, I started multiple pilot projects with start-ups in the MIT/Harvard ecosystem to solve a variety of clinical and commercial challenges at Shire. For one specific analytical challenge (related to a large product in the market), we engaged with two different start-ups unsuccessfully before I decided to approach Harrison to help us solve it even though this was not the type of problem he had experience with. However, I had confidence that he would be able to figure out a solution... and he did... in a couple of weeks!

While his technical skills are great, I think his best quality is being such a nice and fun guy to work with.

Agustín López Márquez
Vice President, Business Development and Marketing


Harrison was the first full-time engineer at SQZ Biotech. In our formative years, Harrison and his team were responsible for designing, prototyping, and testing the core CellSqueeze components. They built our first generation systems that were used internally and at partner sites around the world. Not only was their technical contribution critical to our early success, but he also lead funding efforts that eventually yielded over $1M in grant financing for the company. Harrison is a committed, sharp, creative team member that has demonstrated the ability to lead early stage product development and support successful implementation.

Armon Sharei, PhD
SQZ Biotechnologies


As the COO for CASIS, the non-profit organization tasked with managing the first U.S. National Laboratory in space aboard the International Space station (ISS), I led a business development team that went into the startup accelerator market to identify new technologies that could benefit from performing their R&D efforts in microgravity. Harrison was a senior member of a startup developing a technology to safely introduce macromolecules into biological cells for improved and targeted therapeutics. Harrison led his team in developing a winning strategy and research model that demonstrated the value that could be achieved by testing the fluid dynamics of their technology in space.  Through his engineering design and well-crafted proposal, CASIS selected his team and provided funding to test their technology.
Later, as Senior Vice President for CSS, a science services provider to the U.S. government and commercial organizations, I recruited Harrison to support the strategic development and technical proposal in response to a NASA call for creating a commercial research, engineering and mission integration service for space-based research. Harrison led our team in developing a sound strategic approach for providing as needed services to a commercial market that was developing as access to space was being made available. Harrison’s understanding of the supply and demand economics allowed us to create a novel approach for providing services that have historically occurred in a traditional government-based grant environment. His experience in providing key technical services among varied customer organizations including government, academic and for-profit allowed us to tailor our approach for this hybrid, new marketplace. 
Duane Ratliff
Senior Vice President, Space Programs


We hired Harrison to help us prepare a Phase I NIH SBIR application. We had no experience with the program, but he quickly helped us feel at ease with the application and its numerous requirements. He helped us research, write, and finalize our application for submission, with careful attention to detail. From day one he was a pleasure to work with. Deliverables were clearly outlined and communication was easy and clear. As a small startup with limited resources, we would definitely hire him again for future grant writing.

Tish Scolnik
Global Research Innovation and Technology Inc. (GRIT)


As coach of our FIRST Robotics Team, he inspires the students and often engages in teaching them aspects of the physics or engineering at hand.  He gives the students latitude for exploring ideas, but lets the students know if an idea has significant drawbacks.

Harrison is reliable, resourceful and responsible. He is always available as planned—I can count on him. Harrison is full of energy and speaks rapidly—he has ideas to express. He is a good role model—he is of good character and integrity and works well with teenage students. His leadership is a blessing for our team.

J. Harry Lynch and Robert Hall, PhD
Headmaster (Lynch) and Physics Instructor (Hall)
The Newman School