In 2011 I received Bachelor's (S.B.) degrees from MIT in mechanical engineering and physics (with a focus in electrical engineering). I also studied a bit about environmental policy. In 2013 I also received a Master's (S.M.) from MIT in mechanical engineering.
A few highlights from my time at the 'tute:
  • I was Hall Chair of the Second West (aka Putz) living group in the East Campus dormitory. We produce a liquid nitrogen ice cream social for over 1000 attendees each spring and I led its execution and fundraising for several years.
  • I tended bar at the Muddy Charles Pub and have been an erstwhile trivia host at the Thirsty Ear Pub.
Education Initiatives

During the 2016-17 school year I was head coach of a FIRST Tech Challenge team at The Newman School in Boston.

I was a founding member of TeKnowledgey, a non-profit that worked to improve technology literacy in Boston and Cambridge public schools. I ran a weekly class teaching Microsoft Excel at Fenway High School and an after-school engineering program at Kennedy-Longfellow Middle School.

I tutored chemistry at 826 Boston and I privately tutor individual students in STEM subjects. I also consult on college applications through CollegeStartOnline.

BRAIN Arts Organization

I've helped grow BRAIN Arts, a Boston-based non-profit focused on the development and promotion of independent musicians and artists. BRAIN is completely volunteer-run and has been in over 15 years of existence. We specialize in providing all-ages programming across Greater Boston and showcasing underground musicians and artists. Our projects include the Boston Hassle music blog (10,000 unique visitors per month), the Boston Compass newspaper (monthly circulation of 15,000 in New England), and Boston Hassle Shows (150+ events per year supporting 400+ artists with $50,000+ in proceeds). In my time with BRAIN I've accomplished the following:

  • Produced free, all-ages, outdoor events, including leading permitting, interaction with government officials and community liaisons, and general event management
  • Assisted with development of fundraising materials and secured cash and in-kind donations for many events, including our annual Boston Hassle Fest
  • Design, implementation, and support of new organizational infrastructure

Other Things I Do
I like to spend my free time long-distance cycling, hiking, hacking on hobby electronics and construction projects, drawing, playing bass, cooking, and traveling.